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5 Best International Travel Accessories to Save Time – Money and Space

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Having the right travel accessories for your international trip can make so much difference and smoothen your traveling experience. Whether you are going on a vacation, a business trip, honeymoon, or a family summer trip, keeping the important travel accessories not only makes it easier but also saves a lot of time and money. We surely do not forget medicines, antiviral masks, and a sanitizer, but sometimes we face difficult situations while traveling, so preparing it beforehand can make your trip free from inconvenience. Here are the best of 5 international travel accessories that will save your time, space, and money:

Universal Travel Adapter


Universal Travel Adapters are one of the best life-saving accessories. Save your packing space by keeping one travel adapter instead of loading the chargers of all your electronic devices, you will only need one or two USB cables. There are travel adapters of various brands you can find both online and offline, they come with a built-in USB charger port and suitable for more than 150 countries.

Document Organizer

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One of the most important things for your travel is your documents. Instead of keeping them here and there or in a handbag, just organize them in a document organizer. You can keep your id cards, credit and debit cards, passport, business cards, or event tickets. A document organizer not only keeps your valuable documents safe but also saves a lot of time because you will find them all in one place. They come in different sizes and are very affordable.

Toiletry Bag with Leak Proof Bottles

Worried about your skincare, haircare, and daily use products? Well surely you cannot pack them all in your bag, there can be a risk of leaking the liquids and they also make your bag heavy. Pour some of your products in separate leak-proof bottles and put them together in a toiletry bag. Write the names with a marker pen and you are good to go.

Mini First Aid Kit

Many people don’t realize the importance of a first aid kit until they face a dangerous situation. It is very important to keep a first aid kit for all your safety. No matter if you are staying in a hotel or an apartment, injuries are inevitable. Moreover, traveling also causes sickness to some people, so a first aid kit containing all the necessary safety items is essential. Keep some painkillers, mosquito repellant, antiseptics, etc along with other safety items.

Windproof Travel Umbrella

We don’t usually take umbrellas, waterproof bags, or raincoats but it is one of the most necessary items for traveling abroad. When you are unsure of the weather during your business meetings or vacation outings, just take an umbrella with you. It saves you from rain, snow, sun, and heat. You would love to bring an umbrella to a beach.


All the items mentioned above are easily available both online and in local markets. Moreover, these travel accessories are highly affordable. You will thank yourself for including them in your luggage. You can also keep luggage straps, earplugs, travel pillows, microfiber towels, etc because they are also very good accessories for traveling. All these accessories will save you precious time, will not be heavy to carry, and light to the pockets.

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