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5 Destination For Nudist Family Vacations

nudist family vacation

What is your and your family’s idea of a perfect and happy family vacation? It must be a beach, sun, ocean, some seafood, travel and many more. Have you ever thought about what it is like to be naked and being surrounded by so many people? You will be amazed to know that there are many places in the world where it is very casual to roam around the beach naked, and no one is going to stare and make faces. Let us know more about these nudist family vacation places around the world.

List Of Nudist Family Vacations Places

A man throwing a frisbee at the beach

Cap-D Agde- France

A body of water next to the ocean

Cap-d’Agde is known as the nudist capital of the world because this town not just has one nudist zone but an entire nudist village known as Naturist Village. This village is made for those who want to break the barriers of clothing. In this village, you can go to do a daily task like shopping, evening or morning walk all in the nude.

Miami- Florida

In Miami, everything from the food to bars, nightclubs to beaches are meant to treat senses. It is known as the city of hedonism. There are many topless beaches in Miami, but those who try a level extreme can go to Haulover Beach. Haulover beach is known as the most popular nude beach in the U.S.

Vera Playa- Spain

Vera Playa is a place where nudity is not just encouraged but expected. Vera playa has a long strip of beaches and numerous hotels, resorts, and apartments near it. This is one of the best nudist family vacation places because you find your stay nearby the beach only.

Little Beach- Hawaii

To reach a little beach in Hawaii, you need to cross a rocky footpath that leads to a fantastic view of the ocean. This place does not offer many materialistic facilities, but it can surely provide you the experience of being free and close to nature. You can also enjoy a nudist family vacation with a Sunday sunset drum circle near the beach that includes fire dance, music with a joyous nudist community.

Byron Bay- Australia

You will find the Australian nudist community in the flocks of Byron Bay. The clothing sections are optional here at Tyagarah Nature Reserve. You can enjoy a nudist family vacation with the annual Anzac Day Nude Cricket Match if you are there in the season. If not, then you can enjoy the regular volleyball match on sunny days.


These are the most popular nudist family vacation places you can visit. Experiencing nudity is not a shame but a process of connecting to nature and expecting yourself the way you are. Moreover, nudist family vacation could be the idea of mental therapy where your mind will accept the fact that the body is just the outer layer and it will become dull with the passing year, and we need to focus on inner beauty more.

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