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6 Extended Family Vacation Tips To Make The Trip Enjoyable

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Traveling for the first time with your extended family? If yes, we will tell you how to make your trip most enjoyable! No matter whether you are planning a beach getaway in Florida or traveling to a close location, you can easily survive a multigenerational vacation. All you have to do is to follow these extended family vacation tips before actually stepping outdoors.

Pick A Close Location

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No doubt you can always opt for luxury family travel packages and fly to your favorite destination, traveling far away with kids doesn’t go well most of the time. Save yourself from the hassle of carrying bulky luggage and crossing the entire airport with kids by picking a close location. Choosing a place within driving distance will allow you to make stops easily and carry whatever you want as there are no luggage restrictions.

Discuss Accommodations In Advance

Gather all your family members and ask about their accommodation preferences and then settle for the one that suits everyone’s taste. You can book hotel rooms, suite, or vacation rental according to your family’s convenience. If you are traveling with toddlers and infants, we recommend booking a vacation rental. A vacation rental will offer privacy as well as a common living space your entire family can enjoy. If you are vacationing on a cruise, look for adjoining cabins.

Plan Activities According To Age Groups

Don’t be surprised if your grandparents don’t come to hike with you. As every activity is not suitable for everyone, you need to plan the activities according to age groups. This is crucial so that others won’t get bored while you are busy having fun. Also, plan certain activities everyone can participate in. For instance – going to a beach, a boat ride, or a picnic are activities that are great for all age groups. Further, adults can plan to hike, go camping, or try something like paragliding. Kids can consider biking, rock climbing, swimming, and so on.

Additional Tip: Do not make grandparents babysit your kids every time you plan to go out at night. Even if they have no problem with that, make sure to come as early as you can. The best is to do the babysitter swap. Ask every adult to babysit the kids from time to time. For instance – you can babysit the infants when kids and grandparents are in the garden and then ask them to babysit when you opt for a night out.

Share Your Traveling Essentials

Create your respective packing lists and discuss with your family about the items you can share. Although you can’t share each and everything, many items can be shared hassle-free. For instance – instead of packing two first aid boxes, decide to pack one. The same rule applies for hair straighteners, mini-fridge, makeup kits, diaper bags, laptops, chargers, and so on.

Discuss The Budget & Finances

Consider everyone’s budget before planning an extended family trip. Even if your parents have paid for the flight tickets or hotels, you need to discuss all the expenses including unexpected ones. Create a list of expenses and decide who will pay for what. Don’t forget to include additional expenses incurred on food, transportation, excursions, and so on.

Additional Tip: Try to cut costs on an extended family vacation by checking for bulk discounts on hotel fares, flight fares, etc. 

Split Up The Tasks

Divide the tasks among the groups to lighten the load. If you are staying in a home and plan to cook your meals, you can decide who will cook, do clean up, and so on. Let grandparents monitor the kids and adults take up the tasks of cleaning, cooking, etc.

Consider these family vacation tips before you plan to travel with your extended family. These family vacation tips will allow you to make the most of the vacation!

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