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8 Must-Have Travel Accessories For A Winter Vacation

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Imagine you and your loved ones playing in the snow and spending some cozy time near the fireplace at night. If you live in a coastal area, planning a winter vacation is like a dream for you. Well, being in a winter wonderland calls for prior preparation that will help you make the most of your winter getaway. Before you pack your bags, we recommend buying these travel accessories for those wintery holidays.


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No doubt you will be packing all those winter clothes, sweaters, hats, and caps for your winter trip but you will need something extra to survive in cold temperatures. Thermals worn as underwear and undershirts trap the heat in the body and protect it from the cold weather. So, pack a set of thermals to insulate your body when temperatures drop below 0℃.

Thermos Flask

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You can’t pass the winter days without sipping a hot beverage. A thermos flask will keep your hot beverage warm for a long period of time. It comes in an assortment of sizes as well as shapes so pick the flask that best suits your needs. Just make sure the thermos flask you are buying is made of leak-proof, anti-corrosive, and robust stainless steel.

Moisturizers, Balms, & Lotions

It goes without saying winter can be harsh on your skin and can make it dry easily. So, moisturizers and balms are undoubtedly must-have travel accessories to pack for a winter holiday. Instead of taking a regular moisturizer or lotion with you, get your hands on something that has shea butter, aloe vera, or cocoa butter. Also, don’t forget to pack a hydrating lip balm as well as a good sunscreen.

Heat Packs/Heating Bag

Some bodies can’t stand freezing temperatures and need extra insulation to keep them warm. Heat packs or a heating bag will keep you stay cozy both outdoors and indoors when it’s severely cold. Get long-lasting warmth by buying a few heat packs that can heat up in seconds and are easy to use. Look for heat packs and warmers that have an adhesive backing so that you can stick them on your body or clothes. Such heat packs are also effective in treating body pain, sore muscles, and stiff joints.

Winter Boots

Boots will keep your feet dry and warm as you play in the snow. Look for winter boots that come with a stable grip and are robust and waterproof. The pair of boots you are buying should be comfortable to wear with a thick pair of socks. Go for padded leather boots with rubber soles, moisture-wicking lining, and lace-up fastenings.

Emergency Medical Kit

An emergency first-aid kit is a must in every vacation bag. Carry a medical kit with a cough and cold syrup, antibiotics, pain relief medicine, band-aid, and other necessities. Don’t forget to keep your daily medication along with menstruation pads in the kit.

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles will prevent your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays and small snow particles. So, invest in a pair of ski goggles for your winter holidays. Look for polarized lenses with the right tint. The goggles should also offer UV-protection and come with anti-fog features. They should also have a scratch-resistant coating and must be durable enough to last longer.

Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket or sleep sack will offer your body the desired warmth. Unlike a regular blanket, a wearable blanket won’t move and expose even the smallest part of your body to the cold weather. Invest in a wearable blanket that comes with a hood to protect your ears and head in severe cold.

Pack these travel accessories for your upcoming winter getaway to make the most of your holidays.

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