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Amazon, the top e-commerce platform, also provides online travel and customer service, has a store on ( that offers booking services and the most up-to-date travel status information. Nowadays, it is getting highly popular among tourists across the world. 

Amazon is offering this service with Expedia, a pioneer online travel and customer service provider. Initially, both these companies were doing this in partnership, but now, Amazon has acquired Expedia and TripAdvisor. 

Here are the services that Amazon travel store offers to customers.

Flight Ticket Booking Services 

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The service was launched in collaboration with Cleartrip, an online travel and leisure activities platform. The connection works through the site’s Amazon Pay area, where members may choose from a variety of services, including energy bills and gift cards.

Along with the current flight capability, a “Flights” button has been added, which leads users to the white label version of the OTA’s existing flight functionality. The search results include airlines such as AirAsia, IndiGo, Air India, and GoAir. Moreover, those who have prime membership of Amazon, get extra discount offers on trips booked by Amazon. 

Hotel Booking Services

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Amazon has launched this service by keeping in mind that the customers won’t have to face any inconvenience during their trip. So, it offers hotel booking services to the customers. Amazon’s ‘find and booking’ application offers you these kinds of booking services. All you need to point to your travel destination and search for budget hotels or nearby hotels. It will show you a long list of hotels and you can choose any of those. How simple it is! With new updates, Amazon has made its hotel booking service more convenient and swifter. Now, tourists can book hotel rooms onboard to offer the accommodation to the customers at the published rates. It is expected that Amazon travel will partner with some more companies to make this service more efficient.

Food Takeout Services

In the hotel booking services, Amazon made an expansion by adding food takeout and restaurant reviews features. However, in India, it is not popular because already there are big competitors of this domain like- Zomato, Swiggy, etc. But, the former two services are highly popular and customers get bumper discount offers on those bookings with Amazon. 


Amazon always takes care of the budget of the customers and thus, provides different discount offers. If you are booking hotels using or TripAdvisor (which are the partners of Amazon in travel venture), you may get a 15% or more discount on your booking. Moreover, Amazon runs bumper discount sales on special occasions like- Republic Day, Independence Day, Diwali, and some prominent festivals. In such types of sales, one may book their travel on minimal expenses. And, if you are an Amazon Prime member, an extra discount is waiting for you. 

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