California Vacation Ideas For Beginners -

California Vacation Ideas For Beginners

california vacation ideas

Are you going to California for the very first time? Do you not have any idea what to expect? If that is so, you should have a basic idea about the bucket list you should carry to keep on ticking off the checklist. California is a warehouse of fun and adventure, which is why you can feel the delight once you reach over there. In fact, it is the dream place for any explorer, and you can find a lot of campsites as well. The picturesque sites are to die for, and there are endless possibilities of fun. So why wait when you should start packing the bags?

Redwood National And State Parks

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If you are in California, then you cannot afford to miss this place at all. The experience is going to be exhilarating, and there are a lot of tall redwood trees. They are undeniably the tallest trees on the planet, and the experience will be once in a lifetime. It is easy to travel over there, and you can go camping with your friends. If you want, you set up the camp in the wild willy hot spring and have a refreshing bath as well.

Hike To Burney Falls-California Vacation Ideas

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If you love to go hiking, then the hike to Burney falls will be the best trail.

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt gave these falls a phrase- “eighth wonder of the world.’ The beauty will make anyone be mesmerized. This is a very short hike that you can do as a beginner- and it is also a romantic spot as well. The total distance is 1.3 miles, and you can also make an overnight trip here if you want. You will feel like swimming, but unfortunately, it is prohibited.

Ventana Wilderness Hot Tub-California Vacation Ideas

If you want to go on a hike, which will be a long trail, then this is the perfect journey to initiate. Try to go during the offseason and avoid the summers. You will have to work for 10 miles every single day, and the final day will be rewarding. The hot tub is beautiful to look at, and you can try to camp overnight. The scenic beauty is mind-boggling, and you would want to go back to the place time and again.

Joshua’s Tree White Camp

If you have been looking for one of California’s unique places, then this is the perfect place to be in. The landscape is motivational, and the rock formations are fantastic. It is a lucky experience to be able to see the silhouette of the rocks during sunset- and it is a good place for base camping. The journey will be like that of a science fiction movie, and you can feel the adrenaline rush as well.


Now that you have the desire to visit California with California vacation ideas, here is the list that you should carry with you. Even if you go solo, it should not be a problem for you to complete the checklist.

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