Everything To Know Before You Travel The Amazon

travel the amazon

The Amazon is the world’s biggest jungle, covering an incredible 5.5 million square kilometers. This untamed wilderness is home to up to 40,000 plant species, thousands of bird species, over 400 animals, and 2.5 million different insects. You may wonder if the Amazon is safe to visit; well, it is. Hence, read on to learn everything to know before you travel the Amazon.

The Best Time To Visit


In reality, the Amazon jungle may be explored all year. Despite its size, the weather here doesn’t change much from season to season — anticipate it to remain warm, wet, and humid.

The rainy season lasts from January to June, with temperatures ranging from 23 to 30 degrees Celsius. Daily rains are regular and can be heavy throughout this portion of the year. Rainfall increases the temperature of the jungle and raises river levels. This facilitates access to the river and makes swimming more feasible. It’s also worth noting that the higher the humidity, the more mosquitoes there are.

What Is Visible


The Amazon Rainforest is home to 10% of the world’s known species, so there’s enough to thrill you. Hide high in the canopy to see slow-moving sloths and a variety of monkeys such as howler, spider, tamarin, capuchin, and squirrel, to mention a few. Bring binoculars to get a better look at the brightly-billed toucans and scarlet macaws.

Sinister-looking snakes such as green anacondas, boa constrictors, and eyelash vipers can be seen lurking on the rainforest floor and the foliage of lower-lying plants. Look for small deadly dart frogs and beautifully disguised insects such as the leaf-mimic katydid and moss-mimic stick insect.

Where You Will Be Staying

Regardless of the area of the Amazon you visit, jungle lodges are the most common type of lodging. And, while some are exceedingly luxurious or quite basic, most are around the 3-star threshold. You’ll normally stay in a pleasant twin-share or double cabin with an ensuite bathroom at these lodges. Rooms will be outfitted with mosquito netting and fans to keep you cool and safe at night.

Activities Available

The days in the Amazon will be filled with forest treks and river cruises. These will most likely occur at different times during the day to provide you with insight into how your environment might alter. Some nights, you’ll have the option of going on an after-dark forest stroll, which will allow you to see some nocturnal wildlife. But don’t worry if you’re not interested; you may simply relax in a hammock. Keep in mind that the schedule for the day may alter depending on the weather. Rafting, canoeing, and swimming are among the other activities that are occasionally offered.


You may be indecisive about vacationing in the Amazon. Amazon is the world’s biggest rainforest, and it is home to various species of animals and plants. Hence, visiting one will be fun. Before you embark on the journey, however, you should have some basic knowledge about your destination. This post discusses everything you should know before you travel the Amazon.

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