Finding Budget Friendly Family Vacation Destinations

budget friendly family vacation

Have you ever considered a budget friendly family vacation to Glacier National Park? It is a great destination for hiking, snowboarding and biking. In fact, there are more than 30 trails suitable for biking and hiking. If you are considering this as your vacation getaway this year, I would like to share with you some ideas to make it affordable even for a family of four. With some forethought and planning, you can plan an affordable family vacation to Glacier National Park even with a tight budget.

Plan Prior

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Plan your trip prior to the start of the year. If you are able to do so, be sure to book your hotel early, even on the last week of November. This is because occupancy rates at popular resorts go down in the off-season. There is plenty to do and see during the winter and summer months, but fewer visitors come to Glacier during the colder times of the year. If you are able to secure room rates at one of the area’s three major hotels, you will find that the prices are reasonable during the winter.

Walk Along The River: Walk along the Chicago River from the Grant Park Conservatory to the edge of the downtown skyline at the Edge of the Loop. You will be walking under bridges that overlook the river as well as the landscape of the park. If you love the distinctive architecture of the city, you will love to take in this unique perspective of Chicago. While you are here, you can also check out some of Chicago’s most popular walking tours.

Prices For Car Rentals

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Check with the city of Seattle about their prices for car rentals and hotel rooms. Then, find a budget airline online to fly to Seattle. If you are planning on driving to the city, you might want to check with your local airlines to see if they offer low cost flights to Seattle. In addition, there are a number of budget airlines based out of Seattle that fly out of the Boeing Field, which is the largest commercial airfield in the world. Flyer Airlines offers fares to the Seattle airport for much less than you would pay for a ticket at a luxury flight to the city. In addition, if you book your hotel in the Seattle area, you may be able to take advantage of some of these great deals.

Santa Barbara: Even though Santa Barbara has a rich history, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to spend a vacation. Many people visit Santa Barbara and take advantage of some of the great shopping centers in the area, but there are also some great things to do on the beach. Whether you like to go hiking, sailing, swimming or cycling, you will find that there are many free things to do in this area.

Complimentary Breakfast

Look for a hotel in the area that offers complimentary breakfast, daily discount tickets, concierge services or complimentary late park reservations. If you need to travel a bit farther, consider the golf courses in North Palm Beach, which is less than two miles from the beach. There is a great little shopping mall in North Palm Beach, as well, right off of I-264. The mall has over one hundred different shops and restaurants. The Myrtle Beach Convention Center is just a short walk from Myrtle Beach, making it a very convenient and budget friendly family vacation destination. There are tons of great activities to take part in when you stay at one of these hotels, including swimming, surfing, boating, fishing and the beautiful beachfront condos and houses for rent.


While families enjoy some great activities, there are some great attractions that families should not miss when they are in the Santa Barbara area. The Sea Life Park is located on a forty-two acres of waterfront property in Santa Barbara and features two beaches, two bridges, and a lagoon. A great attraction for families is the Santa Barbara Zoo. You can visit the zoo during spring, summer, or fall and never worry about how your vacation spending plans are going to pay for the trip. A great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area, the zoo features many different animals, such as elk, coyote, deer, and fox. All ages of children and parents alike will enjoy the opportunity to interact with these animals, as well as to learn about their planet.

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