Planning A Family Vacation? See What Great Las Vegas Hotels Offer For Kids -

Planning A Family Vacation? See What Great Las Vegas Hotels Offer For Kids

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This will give you plenty of time to do all the things you want to do without feeling like you’re being rushed. But even before you do anything, you should check out all the family-friendly places in and around the Vegas Strip. Here are some of the best Las Vegas family holiday attractions:

The Bellagio Las Vegas Resort & Casino have two great attractions: the Bellagio Fountains and the Fountains of the Gods. The Bellagio Pool area has some beautiful scenery surrounding it. At the casino itself, there are many wonderful restaurants to keep you entertained during your time at the strip. And if you have kids, they might enjoy playing in the Children’s Pool or the Family Theme Arena. The Bellagio Las Vegas Family Vacation attraction has something for everyone.

The Venetian Pool

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The Venetian Pool is one of the great attractions of this world-class casino. It has four swimming pools, including an inflatable pond where kids can splash around to their hearts’ content. There are fun things to do in the Venetian Pool area after you play in the pools, too. There are also tons of shows, tournaments, and parties going on around the pool area all the time.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino offer a lot of Las Vegas fun for both families and couples. You can spend a lot of time enjoying the kid-friendly las Vegas shows at the G MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. The kid-friendly shows tend to run on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The hours of operation for these kid-friendly shows vary; however, they are usually longer during the week than on the weekends.

The Grand Palace Of Sin

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A family can spend several days at the Grand Palace of Sin with its many exhibits. There is so much to see in this unique hotel that there are actually hundreds of things to do in this exciting place. On Saturday nights, there are open daily concerts in the main fountain area of the hotel. This is an ideal place for a concert for children; however, adults are welcome to attend as well. On the Thursday and Friday evenings, there are also open daily lectures on Spanish history.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel is the perfect stop on any of your Las Vegas family vacations. The hotel offers several attractions for kids friendly shows, movies, and dining. The Guggenheim Museum has free admission on selected nights during the summer. The museum has many permanent and temporary exhibits that allow people to get up close and personal with famous artists such as Andy Warhol. There are also many interactive exhibits and quizzes that can be taken in order to discover the art around us.

Caesars Palace

Children simply love to visit the children’s clubs at Caesars Palace, which is located right next to the Grand Palace. Here they can enjoy music, games, dancing, magic shows, and kiddie fairs. The child-friendly entertainment is terrific, and you will often find pre-planned tours of various attractions. 

If you are planning a Vegas trip with your family, you will want to visit some of these hot spots while you are here, as well. All of these wonderful attractions are open daily, and there are also plenty of Las Vegas family vacation packages for families to choose from.


When booking a Las Vegas trip for your entire family, you should make sure to check into all of the above places. You may even find that it is better to take the trip on a weekend instead of on a weekday, as the weather is usually less crowded at the weekend. Be sure to visit Bellagio or the Venetian as part of your research, because these are two of the best-known las Vegas hotels.

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