Planning A Family Vacation To Hawaii On A Tight Budget

family vacation to hawaii

The ultimate family vacation to take with your children would include some family-friendly activities like camping, hiking, kayaking, boating, rafting, surfing, swimming, or simply playing in the water. In addition, you and your children must also partake in wholesome, nutritious meals and beverages; as well as, do a little “green” or nature-oriented activities; and, of course, have an enjoyable time doing so. Here’s a brief look at some of the best Hawaii family vacation options to consider for this unforgettable family getaway.

Cut Costs By Booking To Save Money

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One of the easiest ways to save money when planning your Hawaii family vacation is to do it on the cheap. This is especially important if this trip is for the whole family, rather than an extended vacation for the older kids in your family. If this is indeed a trip for everyone in the family, then you can cut costs by booking everything ahead of time-even airfare. If you book your hotel and cruise packages early, as well as your activities in advance (such as picking up the car), you’ll save money on your lodging and airfare costs, and you’ll probably find that you save even more money on the family vacation itself!

There are many beautiful islands and hotels on which to spend a family vacation in Hawaii. Maui has the most active volcanoes and wildlife; Oahu has the most amazing beaches; and the Big Island has many parks and playgrounds to explore. Of all the islands, however, the island of Hawaii is considered the most popular. There are tons of hotels and resorts on the island; Maui alone has five times as many hotels as West Maui alone; so there are plenty of choices available. And Hawaii is all about the beaches, so take advantage of the fantastic ocean views from most all of the Maui resorts.

Waterfalls And Geysers Abound On Hawaii’s Big Islands

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On the Maui island, Hanauma Springs is a great place to take a relaxing bath while listening to the waterfalls gurgle. The waterfalls themselves run deep into the floor of the geyser-tiled hot springs, but it still won’t be long before you need to take a step and catch yourself falling down a rocky cliff! Luckily, there are no real risks involved with taking a dip in any one of the Hawaiian beaches-groundskeeper will quickly warn you to stay away, and most of the waterfalls are made to be wheelchair accessible. Your kids are sure to appreciate seeing the waterfalls anyway; after all, this is the place where God created the first world-perfect world and the perfect family vacation!

Visit North Shore Locations

Your family vacation to Hawaii doesn’t have to be reserved at one of the islands for you to enjoy. Instead, take your whole family on a trip to one of the North Shore locations instead. There, the weather is often more tropical, and the scenery more picturesque. There’s even a few resorts that are right on the North shore itself, and if you don’t mind having to walk a little while to get to them, they are definitely a great option for your family vacation to Hawaii. For example, Waikiki Beach is only about a half mile from the beach rental car, and you can find plenty of good restaurants and other attractions in walking distance, so you won’t need to worry about the drive.

Last Words

Some of the most popular activities on Kauai include kayaking down Waikiki beach, hiking to the top of the Grand Canyon, or taking a trip to one of the great kid-friendly hotels in town, like Rainbow Lagoon, Kilauea Ranch, or Hanalei Bay. If you’re looking to find a great family vacation spot away from home, Kauai is definitely worth looking into. Not only does it offer many different activities for adults, but it also offers plenty of family-friendly hotels, great beaches, and snorkeling resorts. And don’t forget to take advantage of one of the amazing national parks around the island. Remember, when you’re planning a family vacation, it’s important to plan early so you can save money and find the best deals!

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