Tips To Get The Best Vacation Rentals While Recreating The Griswold Family Vacation -

Tips To Get The Best Vacation Rentals While Recreating The Griswold Family Vacation

griswold family vacation

The Griswold family vacation is an iconic one. The four members of the Griswold family embarked on a cross-country trip from their home in Chicago, to the California theme park in Walley World. People have tried to recreate this iconic journey and the fun the family had while on it. The fun will not be long lasting however, if you cannot get some of the best vacation rentals to stay in. Hence, we discuss some tips to get the best vacation rentals while recreating the Griswold family vacation.

Note The Features You Want In A Vacation Rental

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This is the most important tip, afterall your preference matters the most. Note down the key features and amenities you require in a vacation rental. Then check if the rentals you’re offered have these features.

As you note down the essential features, note down the negotiable features required too. If the rental lacks an essential feature, you should move on to the next. However, if the rental lacks a negotiable feature, you can consider getting it after checking the other rentals available.

Check Out The Rental’s Location

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If the vacation rental has all the essential features and amenities you require, you also have to check the location. You not only have to check where the rental is situated, you also have to check how accessible the location is. Are essential facilities and amenities nearby? You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a rental far away from hospitals, malls and other conveniences.

Carefully Consider Other Descriptions

As well as considering the features, amenities, and the location of the vacation rental, you also have to consider other important descriptions, like the terms and conditions being offered. This way, you know exactly what to expect when you get to go. Also, if a feature listed as available is missing from the property, you will be able to put up a complaint to the rental.

If there are house rules listed to be followed, you need to carefully consider these rules to avoid any altercation during your vacation.

Look Out For The Reviews

It’s not enough to just check out the features and location, you also need to take time to go through the reviews. Reviews give you other users’ experiences dealing with the vacation rental, so you need to check them out. If users posted photos of the property, you’ll do well comparing it with the official photos on the rental to see if it’s as described.

If good reviews are numerous compared to few bad ones, the bad ones shouldn’t deter you. If you, however, keep seeing consistent bad reviews, you should rethink using the rental.


Numerous vacation rentals exist. So, while recreating the Griswold family vacation, how do you ensure you’re getting the service of one of the best vacation rentals at your destinations? You’ll need to watch out for some factors. Hence, we discuss tips to get the best vacation rentals.

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