Tips To Help Plan Your Disney World Family Vacation With a Tight Budget -

Tips To Help Plan Your Disney World Family Vacation With a Tight Budget

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Every family loves having a happy time together, spending quality happy time together with family is the bedrock to a happy life filled with long lasting memories. There are other ways to create these long lasting memories, one of such ways is a well planned family vacation. One of the choicest destinations year-in year-out has been The Walt’s Disney World. But planning a family trip to Disney can be very costly especially when you don’t have an idea of how to cut costs. Not to worry, here are tips to help you with adjusting your budget while enjoying your vacation with your family in Disney.

Going during off seasons

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It is considerably cheaper to go on vacation to Disney world during off seasons as crowds are less and the cost for tickets are extremely cheap compared to festive period where almost everyone is planning a visit. Time such as the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are very good time to visit if getting the Christmas atmosphere is something you value, since decorations for Christmas will already be placed. Another wonderful time to consider planning a visit is January and February since the weather is great that period.

Consulting a travel agent

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There are lots of agencies that are affiliated with Disney and the interesting thing is they are FREE, they know the package deals, the free dinning time, where is worth spending time according to your wants and budget, they can give you the various quotes according to your budget explaining the pros and cons of each.

Staying off-property

The Disney hotels are no doubt wonderful and completely unique but they are very expensive and are priced accordingly. The off-property hotels are less expensive and reasonably priced for rooms as good or even better than what Disney hotel offers. The downside is not being surrounded all day by the Disney magic and also paying for parking charge but this will save you considerable amount even if you use rental and you can as well get enough Disney magic while you are at the Disney park.

Be smart about meals

Meals are one of the very important and pricey things you must consider while planning your Disney vacation, when you are on your way to the resort ensure you stop at grocery stores and get as much snacks that you need, beverages, break fast foods, that way you can cut down on cost of feeding. If you can eat your breakfast and your lunch snack in your room, do them. Except it is unavailable, do not buy the dinning plan.

If you must get a souvenir, buy ahead of time!

Disney merchandise are very expensive in the parks so if you want their merchandise, look to buy them ahead of time so you don’t get tempted while in the park as they cost lesser outside the park than in the park

Additional tips

Be on the look out for deals aways.

Try as much as possible to stay away from the extras as tempting as it could be, stay away from PhotoPass, stay away from Dinning Plan, you don’t need Park Hopper

Take a water bottle or get a water refill package instead.

In conclusion

it is most important to always plan whether you want to economise or not, tailor your vacation accordingly and never forget to have fun and make memories.

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